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A Warm Welcome To Our Home Page!

Dr. Donald and Lois Dossey 

Who Are We?

The staff of the Stress Management Center/Phobia Institute has been dedicated for over 20 years to research and treatment of the various anxiety and stress related disorders that plague the human condition. The Center has incorporated Dr. Dossey's complete "Seven Steps To Stress Prevention" program as  developed in his audio cassette programs "The Power of Positive Feelings" and "Through the Briar Patch".

This seven step program is the most comprehensive approach available and virtually guarantees success. It insures the mastery of Dr. Dossey's Think/Feel/Do/Have Motivation and Success Formula. 

Seven Steps To Master Stress and Phobias

1. Controlling your mind (Refocusing techniques)
2. Controlling your feelings (Keying )
3. Controlling your actions (Multi-dimensional planning)
4. Relaxation techniques
5. Physical activity for stress reduction and fun
6. Power foods and stress diminishing supplements
7. Predictable communication strategies to decrease tension

        The  Center offers
a. Telephone diagnostic evaluations
b. Telephone consulting programs
c.  Live seminar programs
d.  Speakers bureau
e.  Sales, management and counseling training

Dr. Donald Dossey, author, media personality and founder of the Stress Management Center/Phobia Institute, is an internationally known disaster stress and phobia expert. He is also a well known folklorian historian and member of the North Carolina Folklore Society. He has extensively researched legendary origins of the folklore, superstitions and phobias surrounding our holidays as well as unusual, often hilarious, old-timey superstitious "cures" for these fears.

Why is Dr. Dossey consistently in the news and interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV talk shows every holiday?

Because he offers you more than one angle! Many are fascinated by the origins and humorous folklore superstitions of the holidays; others by the numerous phobias and stresses surrounding them. Many prefer both. Dr. Dossey has appeared on OPRAH WINFREY, numerous times on CNN, THE OTHER SIDE, and HARD COPY. He is the Holiday Superstition and Folklore Reporter, and is known as "the Will Rogers with a Ph.D."

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